Prof. Dr. Bahri BAŞARAN

Issuing time:2022-03-26 16:39

Ege University Engineering Faculty

Leather Engineering Deparment

35100, Bornova/Izmir Turkey

Phone: +90 2323114406 Fax: +90 2323425376 Mobile: +90 552 7447566

        Bahri Başaran is a Professor in the Leather Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty   at Ege University where he has been an academician since 1999. He assined to the Ege University Professorship in 2013 and keeps teaching and research activities in the same department.

        He completed his Ph.D. at Ege University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Leather Technology Department in 1999, MSc. in the same institution in 1993 and his undergraduate studies at Ege University, Agricultura Faculty, Leather Technology Department in 1990. His research interests lie in the area of leather science and technology, ranging from research and development basics to the practice and from design to implementation. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department based on his specialism in best available practices and noval eco benign processes for industrial sustainability, valorization of fibrous leather wastes and by-products, extraction of gelable substructures from collagen such as gelatin, hidrogels and hydrosates. He is also strong international profile acting in any research intensive institutes and R&D centers as well as giving consultancy for the pioneer companies

        He has published 70 articles (28 SCI Indexed and 42 peer reviewed) 88 presentations in National and International Congress and Workshops His academic interests are the engineering solutions for leather Industry by-products, the collagen hydrolisates and collagenic products (gelatine and amino acid colloidal solutions and the valorisation of fibrous leather waste in various composites (leatherboard production).

        He has given Lectures in liaison with LLP ERASMUS Programme in Budapest (Hungary) and Igualada (Spain) and also one Course in Tehran (Iran).

        He has 9 MSc. and 2 PhD. students graduated under his supervisory.   He has an experienced academic side in University-Industry cooperation giving creative solutions in many implementations. His administrative experience has started in 2018 and now continuing in Graduate School and Natural and Applied Sciences as Director.

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